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Terminal City Thick Glass Countertop

Terminal City Thick Glass Countertop. Terminal City is Vancouver’s Premier business club. They offer unparalleled opportunities for business and social networking. Their recreational, sporting and entertainment facilities are world class, and they offer a growing and learning environment of the highest quality for all those engaged at the Club. By maintaining a financially stable club of 2,000 members they continue to attract new and retain existing members.

Featured in their Wine Bar is a Thick Glass bar top by Nathan Allan Glass Studios. The thickness and color of the glass make it the focal point of the space, drawing patrons towards the bar. Elegance is the name of the game for Terminal City Club, and our glass fits that mold.



Creating thick glass is a very difficult process, but is a process which Nathan Allan has perfected. Specifically for Terminal City Club, we created a 3” thick, Thick Glass bar top. Our Rocky Mountain texture is featured on the bottom and side surfaces of the glass, creating a very distinct look that prevents fingerprinting. The top surface is polished and clear, allowing the texture to radiate through the glass top. Lighting from above shines through the textured glass and reflects off the stainless steel support, bringing all eyes to the bar top, and adding an ethereal appeal to the space.


Clear annealed glass, 3” thick (75mm), with Rocky Mountain bottom texture and Rocky Mountain textured edges. The bar top features multiple segments as large as 11’0 x 2’0 (3353mm x 610mm).


Traditional bar tops are typically produced with wood or granite-like materials. Searching for a product that would mesh with Terminal City Club’s world class appeal, SSDG Interior Design sought out Nathan Allan Glass Studios. Our 3” Thick Glass bar top is a new take on a traditional design. Rocky Mountain texture, paired with floating air bubbles and overhead lighting, forms an unparalleled experience for anyone who takes a seat at the bar.


Working with Team Glass Ltd., a stainless steel support plate was installed over the solid millwork structure, and our thick glass panels were placed on top of the steel plates. Clear, structural silicone is used to hold the glass solidly to the inner millwork, and used to fill the small gaps between panels. Glass cushions are placed in strategic areas underneath the glass, to cushion between the steel plates and thick glass panels.


Collection Classic
Series West Coast
Texture Rocky Mountain
Glass Clear
Thickness 3″ (76 mm)
Dimensions Custom
Safety Annealed
Designer SSDG Interior Design
Installer Team Glass Ltd.
Photography Nick Didlick

Terminal City Thick Glass Countertop

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