Project Description

A Reception Desk with Presence

Thomas Jefferson Law School Glass Countertop CA

Thomas Jefferson School of Law. ID Studios designed a welcoming and modern facility for this new law school campus. The reception desk greets students and guests with a solid presence, suitable for the nationally-known law school. Thomas Jefferson Law School Glass Countertop.

LEED® Gold Certified

Glass Countertops. Kiln formed textured thick glass countertops and glass bar tops, are some of Nathan Allan’s most popular architectural glass products. Certainly a favorite of most high end interior designers. Our thick, heavy glass options are quickly replacing traditional countertop materials because of the unique, decorative design finishes available in textured glass. The non-porous and easy to clean glass surfaces are also an attractive feature. Nathan Allan’s trademark textured glass edges provide a unique and exclusive design detail. Textured glass edges now allow interior designers multiple choices for their glass edge treatments. Textured glass edges also prevent any fingerprints from forming. Consequently, this allows the glass to appear much cleaner than polished edges.

Nathan Allan Thick Glass countertops can be produced in any of our 70+ Classic textured glass options. Select from 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4” thick glass, in clear, low iron, or crystal clear glass options. Maximum panel sizes up to 5’0 x 10’0. Enhance each panel by adding our Lucent or Pearl vibrant color finishes on the bottom textured glass surfaces. At the same time, Illuminate your thick glass bartop with effective edge lighting, pad lighting, or overhead lighting solutions. Reflective… LEARN MORE


Collection Classic
Series West Coast
Texture Rocky Mountain
Glass Clear/Low Iron
Thickness 2″ (50 mm)
Dimensions 133″ x 19″ (3378 x 482 mm)
Safety Annealed
Designer ID Studios
Installer Montbleau & Associates
Photography Costea Photography

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