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Pixel Stair Treads

Pixel Stair Treads and Glass Flooring. Nathan Allan Stair Treads and Glass Flooring are two unique products in today’s Architectural Glass Flooring Industry. Produced specifically to be walked on, our Glass Flooring incorporate an authentic and effective safety finish. Using exclusive anti-slip technologies, an Etched pattern is formed into the glass walking surface. Therefore the Etched surface is durable and long lasting. The pattern provides a beautiful, decorative glass visual for all patrons who walk on the Glass.

This glass is available in clear glass and low iron glass. A soft, light etching is provided within the Pixel pattern, providing a low level of opacity and privacy. However, there is still ample light transmission. For higher levels of privacy, Nathan Allan will provide an additional Etched coating. This 2nd coating increases the privacy level substantially.

Pixel Glass Stair Treads and Glass Flooring are produced in 3 layers of safety tempered glass. The top layer of Glass, the Pixel layer, is 3/8” thick. The middle and bottom layers are 1/2″ thick. The glass thickness is per our experienced engineer’s requirements. Recommendations are based upon the most recent engineering criteria provided. We will not cut corners, in order to lower our prices and reduce the safety element required. Nathan Allan uses PVB or DuPont SGP interlayers on all of our Pixel Glass Stair Treads and Glass Flooring. We produce the best quality, safest Glass Treads in our industry today.


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