Pixel Frosted Glass Tread. All Nathan Allan Glass Stair Treads are both safety tempered and safety laminated. Nathan Allan uses thicker glass layers than industry standards, and provides professional, expert, engineering services. Pixel Frosted Glass Treads are produced using 3 layers of safety tempered glass. The top layer, the Pixel anti-slip safety finish layer, is 3/8” thick. The middle and bottom layers are 1/2″ thick. The glass thickness selected is as per experienced engineer’s requirements, based upon the most recent engineering criteria provided. All glass edges are machine flat polished.

Nathan Allan uses PVB and DuPont SGP (Kurary) interlayers, on all of our glass treads, as per our engineer’s approval. We produce the best quality, safest Glass Treads in our industry today, and we will not cut corners.

Our Pixel Frosted Glass Treads and Glass Flooring are available in clear glass and low iron glass. The Pixel anti-slip safety finish is produced with an exclusive Etching technology. This technology creates a safe, effective anti-slip surface, which is very durable. A soft, light etching is provided within the Pixel pattern, creating a low level of opacity and privacy. For higher levels of privacy, Nathan Allan will add an additional Etched finish on the middle or bottom glass layer. This additional Etched finish increases the privacy level substantially.

Pixel Frosted Glass Tread