Project Description

Transcendent Stair Treads


Transcendent Stair Treads. Barber McMurry’s design challenge was to “Design a replacement School of Music to bring the program into the 21st century.”

As music fills the lofty hallways, natural light floods the stairwells. Glass stair treads with an opacity layer allows light to transcend through each floor, paralleling the thoughtfully chosen lyrical detailing throughout the rest of the building.

LEED® Silver Projected

Transcendent Stair Treads


Collection Josiah J
Series Stair Treads / Flooring
Walking Surface Silk Treads / Pixel
Glass Clear / Frosted
Thickness 3 layers (5/16, 1/2, 1/2 inch)
Dimensions Various sizes up to 62″ x 37″
Safety Tempered
Designer Barber McMurry
Installer Contractor
Denise Retallack

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