Furrow Textured Glass. The pattern in our Furrow Textured Glass is produced with a revolutionary reverse-mold technology. Rather than protruding outward, each Furrow or Flute is an indented, scalloped flute, much like the old antique style of fluted glass. A light texture is created on the entire surface of the glass, creating a higher level of opacity, and providing a more muted surface. The back surface of the glass remains quite flat and even.

Furrow Textured Glass can be produced in tempered or laminated safety glass, with or without added colored or frosted finishes.

Applications: Dividers, Partitions, Door Panels, Balustrades, Walls



Sawtooth (Mega, Mini, and Micro) – sink your teeth into distinctive highs and lows.

Veer (Organic and Satin) – crisp edges on one side and soft curves on the other.

Furrow – orderly rows softly ebb and flow on the surface, resulting in pinstriped privacy.