Vancouver Thick Glass Walls, Partitions and Dividers

Vancouver Thick Glass Walls specialize in designing and manufacturing custom glass walls, balustrades, dividers and partitions. Nathan Allan Glass Studios is the leader in decorative, architectural glass design and manufacturing. We create stunning glass walls for Vancouver, British Columbia and the surrounding area. Thick glass partitions are a perfect alternative to traditional office dividers and provide not only an extraordinary look but also contribute to reducing noise and provide privacy.

Vancouver Thick Glass Walls

Vancouver Thick Glass Walls

Somerset Offices Convex Squares Frosted Architectural Glass Wall. Conference Rooms can be small and tight. At the same time, they can also be very dark. As such, they are not always the most desirable spaces to hold meeting. As a result of this, Neumann Smith Architecture sought to illuminate the Somerset Offices. In particular, they eliminated basic dividers and replaced with exciting 3-Dimensional Convex Squares Frosted Architectural Glass Walls.

Type of Glass Used

100’s of architectural glass textures are available to select from. Therefore, our designers have various exciting options to choose, such as our Freeform Series architectural glass. Our designers love working with our stunning Josiah J Collection as well. Most architectural textured glass partitions can be produced in large scale panels. Specifically up to 5’0 wide x 10’0 high. Some architectural textured glass walls use panels up to 6’6 wide x 11’6 high. Our architectural textured glass panels are safety tempered or safety laminated, thus meeting all building code requirements. Choose clear or low iron glass or in addition to, add a vivid color finish of your choice. Nathan Allan architectural textured glass walls are easy to clean. Likewise, the sealed surfaces create an anti-microbial surface feature. This features makes our architectural textured glass walls the glass of choice in Healthcare environments.

Convex Series Crystal Series Crackle Series

Some Examples of our Vancouver Glass Walls Textured Glass.

A large selection of textured glass is available for use and we encourage you to contact us today in order to learn more about our glass partitions. We have 100’s of styles and colors with more being created all the time. For more examples of our textured glass please visit our collections page. There you can see the full assortment of glass we offer. For more great information please make sure to visit our Instagram Page.

Some of Our Architectural Textured Glass Walls


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