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Convex Pinnacle Silvered Glass

Nathan Allan’s newly created Convex Pinnacle Silvered Glass is designed for large scale Façade applications. With panels available up to 6’6 x 11’0, they can literally cover a wall. Our Glass can be installed against other wall materials, for front side viewing only. Or, when used as a partition, our Glass can be viewed from both sides.

Panels are most commonly produced with 3/8” (10mm) or 1/2″ (12mm), safety tempered glass. Glass can be created in clear or low iron glass. Along with our color finishes, frosted finishes can also be applied. Ideal for Facades, Walls, Partitions and Dividers. Contact Us Today in order to learn more about this glass. Visit our Facebook Page.

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convex pinnacle silvered glass
Convex Pinnacle Silvered Glass

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Luminosity Glass. “A new glass design was required for a large, outdoor commercial façade. The designers requested something unique, different, and colorful. We created a new, extremely deep, 3-Dimensional glass design, and applied multi colors on the textured surface. The color combinations create a brilliant mosaic and richly enhance the deep textures. Luminosity is one of he most beautiful, vivid glass products we have ever created”   Barry Allan… READ MORE

Read About Our Glass Stair Tread Project

Nathan Allan Glass Stair Treads and Glass Flooring, are two very unique products in today’s Architectural Glass Industry. Produced specifically to be walked on, Glass Stair Treads Glass Flooring incorporate Nathan Allan’s exclusive “Glass Sandpaper” safety finish. To illustrate, authentic glass particles are melted onto the walking surface, to create a slip-resistant surface… READ MORE