iceberg glass

Iceberg Glass brings the inspiration of untamed places into urban life

There are times when an object is so much more than an object. For visionary designers and architects, materials are the medium that reminds us of our deep human connection to the wider, wilder world around us.

At Nathan Allan, our artists are always reaching for unprecedented ways to put that enchantment into the hands of our collaborators. Our new Iceberg Glass panels are the latest example of these distinctive products.

These glass panels evoke adventure, bringing the wilds of the North into the most luxurious environments. Iceberg sparks the part of the human spirit that longs to explore even when – especially when – we’re surrounded by busy cityscapes. These panels are designed to light up the elements of our psyche that thrive in the wild – to stimulate imagination, creativity, and ultimately, innovation.

iceberg glass

A synergy of composition, design and kiln mastery, Iceberg Glass begins with the formation of organically shaped glass ice. Its glacial contours and frosted surfaces become the scaffolding for lake-like panels of almost transparent kiln-cast glass. Together, these two forms create an extraordinary product: Bonsai-style icebergs float in panels that can divide spaces, form mesmerizing surfaces and create spectacular exteriors.

Echoing the spring ice flows of Canada’s east coast, this Nathan Allan original pays homage to the majestic country in which our headquarters are located. Looking into its depths, we see the unchained wildness of the Arctic and the mystery of oceans so deep we can only imagine the life they harbor.

iceberg glass

But like the production process that creates it, Iceberg Glass is a fusion of natural forces and raw materials elevated by human artistry and technical innovation. It is a symbol of the integral, interconnected relationship between people and planet – and of the beauty that can be created when we surrender to that deep connection.

The challenge was to create a glass which feels like ice, and in an authentic way. I feel that we successfully accomplished both goals… offers Nathan Allan founder and director Barry Allan.