Kiln Formed Stained Glass Nathan Allan

Kiln Formed Stained Glass


This is Nathan Allan’s stained glass simulation, using our Crystal Clear and Crystal colored fusing glass. Our advantage is that we can produce our glass in whatever thickness of glass is required, from 1/2″ thick, up to 2” thick panels. We can also produce in panel sizes up to 5’0 x 10’0, and our glass can be laminated for safety requirements. There isn’t any “caming” or “lead lines” used in our process. All pattern lines are produced with colored frit strips which melt into the glass, to provide a lead line type design. Available in multiple colors.

Kiln Formed Stained Glass Front
Kiln Formed Stained Glass Corner
Kiln Formed Stained Glass
Echo Glass

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Check out our Echo Architectural Cast Glass, part of Nathan Allan’s exclusive Freeform Series, is exciting, new, and the first “texture less” kiln formed glass in our industry. Inspired by our Channel Fluted glass, Echo is designed with sweeping shapely flutes, to create an architectural glass with movement. This design feature provides privacy while demonstrating an incredibly beautiful Architectural Glass finish. Watch as beauty and elegance come together. Capture the movement and animation of glass with our fluid, organic Echo shapes…. LEARN MORE

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Nathan Allan Glass Studios head office and main factory is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of unique and exclusive kiln-formed glass, thick glass, cast glass and architectural textured glass products. With offices throughout North America and across the world, our company has specialized in the production of hand crafted Architectural Glass and Decorative glass products since 1986. Working with high end interior designers and architects, our unique and exclusive glass products are created, shipped, and installed all over the globe.