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Channel Bronze Silvered Glass Wall

Channel Bronze Silvered Glass Wall. With Façade and Wall applications becoming more prevalent, Nathan Allan created the perfect product for these specific projects. A brilliant, shimmering, Architectural Glass formed in 3-Dimensional Fluted patterns, with a silvered back finish. This Glass is opaque, which allows the glass to cover and block any back wall surface. As such, the opaque backer provides a solid surface which can be easily adhered to another surface for easy installation. The front surface is lined with deep Fluted, coated in silver. Just turn on the lights and watch this glass brightly illuminate and reflect, vividly enhancing the surrounding areas of your project.


Channel Bronze Silvered Glass

Channel Bronze Silvered Glass Wall


Recently, an inquiry was forwarded to Nathan Allan Glass Studios, about producing a new cast glass design for Walls applications. A request was offered to Barry Allan, director of Nathan Allan Glass Studios, to produce something rich and vibrant, and dark in color. Concentrating on our Linear design theme, which has been very popular in 2018, Mr Allan selected our Freeform Series Channel Glass. In addition, our Glass was produced in a deep, bronze tint. To highlight the tint and the deep fluted pattern, a silvered (mirror) finish was added to the back surface, which makes the design even more crisp, with more clarity.

Ideally designed for all Façade and Wall applications. Our glass is perfect for any wall behind a front lobby registration. Desk or on the front Bar Dies of the desk itself. The shimmering deep fluted glass brightens and magnifies any space. Quite simply, it creates an aura of richness!


For this private client’s retail space, the front counter was clad with our glass. Our Channel glass is produced with 3/8” (10mm) Bronze Glass, and the back surface of the glass is finished in silver, to create a mirrored effect. A protective coating is added over the silver finish. 6 Panels of Channel Bronze Silvered glass were produced, up to 68” wide x 42” high. (1727mm x 1067mm)


Each Channel Bronze Silvered panel is resting on a steel bottom ledge, with soft glass cushions place under the glass. The panels are placed approximately 1/16” (1.5mm) apart, to reduce the seam lines. In fact, the seam lines are not even noticeable. To secure the panels to the face of the desk counter, a special compatible adhesive is used.

Channel Bronze Silvered Glass Walls


Collection Freeform Series
Texture Channel
Glass Bronze
Finish Silvered
Thickness 3/8” (10mm)
Dimensions 68″ x 42″ (1727mm x 1067mm)
Safety Tempered
Installer Arrowwoods Works
Photography Andy McGrory
Channel Bronze Silvered Glass

Channel Bronze Silvered Glass Wall