Project Description

Colored Cast Glass Panels



Multiple panels of 3/8″ cast tempered glass, various textures. Colored panels with donor names are applied to the back of the Cast Glass panels. Cast textured surface prevents any fingerprinting.

Natural History Colored Cast

Architectural Textured Glass Walls. Kiln formed architectural textured glass walls by Nathan Allan. With our glass we provide dazzling artistic displays, as well as creating an effective function to separating spaces. Therefore our architectural textured glass wall become the focal point of a room. Specifically because of the deep, intriguing textures formed into the glass surfaces. In addition, our deep textured glass dividers create privacy, but also allow ample amounts of light transmission. Therefore, effectively brightening the spaces which our architectural textured glass partitions demises.

Over 100 architectural glass textures are available to select. Therefore, our designers have various exciting options to choose from, such as our Freeform Series architectural glass. In addition to, designers love working with our stunning Josiah J Collection as well. Most architectural textured glass partitions can be produced in large scale panels. Specifically up to 5’0 wide x 10’0 high. Moreover, some architectural textured glass walls use panels up to 6’6 wide x 11’6 high. Our architectural textured glass panels are safety tempered or safety laminated, thus meeting all building code requirements. Choose clear or low iron glass… LEARN MORE


Collection Classic 
Series Organic
Texture Sandstone/Various
Glass Clear
Thickness 3/8″ (10mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Nathan Allan Glass Studios
Installer Contractor
Photography Museum of Natural History
Natural History Colored Cast

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