Organic Series

Organic Series Kiln Formed Cast Glass Textures

Organic Series Kiln Formed Cast Glass Textures are designed and manufactured by Nathan Allan Glass Studios. View our phenomenal Organic Kiln Formed Cast Glass Textures below. We have a wide variety of textures to choose from. All of our architectural glass is produced in our factory located in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Contact Us today to learn more.

Nathan Allan produces 150+ unique and exclusive glass textures and designs. We offer the largest assembly of hand crafted Architectural Glass products. Created for the A&D community, our Kiln Formed Cast Glass Textures are often used in wall partitions and dividers. As well, our glass is used in doors, storefront and facades. Nathan Allan has also designed 2 exclusive products for Glass Flooring and Glass Stair Tread applications. Each of these products is designed with our Glass Sandpaper safety finish, an incredibly durable and effective safety finish.

Another exclusive Nathan Allan Architectural Glass creation is our Heavy, Thick Glass Counter Tops. Produced in 1.5” to 4” thick glass, these Heavy Thick Glass Countertops are available in 30+ options. An original design feature is that each Thick Glass Countertop is produced with matching textured glass edges.


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