Parchment Textured Glass. Parchment textured glass is a very popular glass design in our Classic Collection Organic Series. Broad strokes spread themselves across the glass, similar to an artist’s first rendering on a parchment surface during ancient times. Similar to a painting on a wall, Parchment decorative glass transforms the space, but also adds functionality to design. This solid textured glass provides effective privacy without sacrificing light transmission. Produced in clear or low iron glass, however, when produced in low iron glass, our Parchment textured glass simulates the cutting edge of a skate through ice, creating an incredibly brilliant design. Added color finish options are available, along with frosted finishes. Parchment decorative glass is produced in tempered or laminated versions.

Applications: Balustrade, Cladding, Doors, Dividers, Feature Walls, Lighting, Partitions


Clear Glass shown below: