Composite textured glass is a combination of our Natural textured glass, interspersed with small areas of floating bubbles. For the designer unwilling to compromise on hand-made creativity, yet still looking for simplicity, Composite textured glass is the perfect choice. The bubble-like texture is evenly spaced out throughout the glass, providing a light design accent on a smooth, subtle background. This textured glass allows ample light transmission while providing an effective level of privacy. With the ability to be safety tempered or laminated, Composite Glass is ideal for a wide array of applications in many environments, and is most often used in Balustrades, Dividers and Glass Doors. Composite textured glass is available in clear or low iron, with or without privacy frosted finishes or vibrant color finishes.

Applications: Balustrade, Cladding, Dividers, Doors, Feature Walls, Lighting, Partitions


Clear Glass shown below: