Brix Textured Glass. Combining Organic and Directional elements, produces Nathan Allan’s Brix textured glass. The soft, porous, surface details in a natural brick are replicated in this unique textured glass product. The crispness and detail in the texture provide a clear visual of an authentic brick surface, while also mimicking the mortar lines which separate the bricks. Brix textured glass can be produced in large panel sizes, for divider walls or partitions, creating a beautiful decorative finish to your corporate space, while creating privacy. In addition, vibrant color finishes can also be applied, and Brix panels can be used as Cladding or Facades, pressed against other wall surfaces; ideal for front entrance Hotel or Corporate Lobbies. Brix textured glass is available in whatever thickness of glass you require, clear or low iron glass, and safety tempered or laminated. The maintenance free, non-porous surface of our Brix textured glass allows the glass to appear bright, new, and clean, for many years to come.

Applications: Balustrade, Cladding, Conference Rooms, Dividers, Doors, Feature Walls, Lighting, Partitions


Clear Glass shown below: