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Planet Hollywood

Citadel Dichroic Glass Partition

Citadel Dichroic Glass Partition. Planet Hollywood kiln formed glass. In a city where everyone is vying for visual attention, it is a challenge to create something that stands out. Nathan Allan relished the opportunity to create such a product at Planet Hollywooda casino with electricity floating through the air. Patrons have a movie-star experience in a fabulous atmosphere that truly epitomizes glamour and excitement. As such, we created our Citadel Dichroic Glass Partition for this vibrant Las Vegas Hotel.

Planet Hollywood kiln formed glass

Citadel Dichroic Glass Partition

By merging texture, color and light, Citadel Dichroic kiln formed glass will add energy to any environment. As shown in the Planet Hollywood project, light can be used to illuminate the detail of the texture, and add color to the glass. Bright green colors arise from the base wall, meeting dynamic blue and pink tones, along with golden cognac portions. Bright, sizzling, Dichroic colored accents illuminate throughout the glass, providing a subtle color shirt as patrons walk by the glass. Citadel Dichroic glass provides visual appeal, and also perfectly partitions the space. Our textured glass allows for plenty of light transmission—which is essential in a casino—yet does not sacrifice privacy. Planet Hollywood kiln formed glass.


Clear tempered safety glass, 1/2″ (12mm) thick, with Citadel Dichroic kiln formed glass pattern. Each panel measures 36” by 42” (914mm x 1067mm).


Working alongside Thalden Boyd Emery Architects, Nathan Allan focused on producing a functional glass partition wall with stunning features. Casinos often have minimal natural light, so creating illumination for visual impact was crucial. Panels are subtly lit from below in recessed channels, integrating the glass within the dynamic environment, and creating an incandescent ambiance with deep shadows. Dichroic glass provides a multi-color shift as patrons walk by and view these beautiful accented panels. Nathan Allan’s luxurious architectural glass partitions stay true to Planet Hollywood’s movie-star appeal.


The glass was installed by Avanti Glass and Mirror, LLC. All panels are recessed into the die wall, held in place with hidden channel and structural silicone. The recessed channel allows for a completely frameless installation, where the cast glass panels are the feature item.


Collection Classic
Series Organic
Texture Citadel Dichroic
Glass Clear
Thickness 1/2″ (12mm)
Dimensions 36” x 42” (914 x 1067mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Thalden Boyd Emery Architects
Installer Avanti Glass and Mirror, LLC
Photography Jeff Green
Citadel Dichroic kiln formed glass partition

Citadel Dichroic Glass Partition

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