Crystal Cascade XL Copper Textured Glass. Originally created for Four Seasons Hotels, our Crystal Series textured glass ingeniously diffuses light sources. Crystal Series glass is ideally used in a back lighting application (natural or artificial). After we form our Cascade XL texture on the front surface, thousands of Crystal beads are fused onto the back surface. Light causes bright illumination of each bead and creates a definitive posh ambience. Our Lucent Copper color finish creates a vibrant, energetic environment, which adds a sizzle to any hospitality or commercial space. With our Cascade XL rain-like texture, and our watery blue color finish, Crystal glass is often used in water wall applications.

Crystal Cascade XL textured glass is most often produced in 3/8” (10mm) glass, and each panel is safety tempered. Panel sizes can range up to 5’0 x 10’. Glass options include clear glass, low iron glass, and multiple colors.

Crystal side: