Fluted Champagne Architectural Cast Glass. Included in Nathan Allan’s exclusive Freeform Series, Fluted Champagne Glass is one of 6 new “texture less” kiln formed glass designs. Texture-less designs are a first in our industry, and exclusively created by Nathan Allan. Inspired by ancestral Architecture, Fluted Champagne is in our family of Linear Architectural patterns. Free-forming Flutes are created within this design, each at 1/4″ (6mm) wide. Each flute is separated by a thin, continuous crease, which helps to define the individual flutes. The front convex surface of each flute provides an interesting 3-Dimensional design and privacy effect within this elegant linear design.

The back surface of our Fluted Champagne Architectural Cast Glass is concaved, and also provides a unique appearance and privacy effect. Light will travel through the glass, enhancing the pattern details and amplifying the rich, black color. This Classic Architectural pattern is once again bringing life to historical designs.

Application: Balustrade, Cladding, Dividers, Doors, Partitions, Façade, Feature Walls, Windows