Rush XL Textured Glass. Rush XL Textured Glass is a bolder version of our original “Rush” creation. Designed to also simulate the stirring flow of moving water, Rush XL provide the more obvious and largesse pattern, for those who prefer greater scope. Whether one is observing a fast, rippling effect of ocean water as the tide comes in. Or picturing the downpour of a rain storm against a window, Rush XL invokes the mesmerizing movement of water which can be so encapsulating. This new, texture less, clear design is the result of a unique custom mold creation, which previously was only available in straight linear patterns.

Rush XL Textured Glass can be produced in clear, low iron, bronze or black glass. Panels can be produced as large as 5’0 x 10’0 (1500mm x 3000mm), in whatever thickness of glass is required. All glass options, up to 3/4″ (19mm) thick, can be safety tempered. This Architectural Glass is ideal for usage as Partitions, Wall Panels, and Doors. Enhance this intriguing design with Silvered or Color backed finishes.

Application: Balustrade, Cladding, Doors, Feature Walls, Lighting, Partitions