Project Description

Halepuna Waikiki Glass Partitions

For those incredibly fortunate visitors who visit Hawaii each year and are lucky enough to stay at the Halepuna Waikiki.  They are greeted with an amazing visual of handmade kiln formed glass by Nathan Allan. As the soft, seashell inspired breezes of the Pacific gently stream through this tranquil hotel lobby, patrons are surrounded with the flowing textures of our Mirage XL glass. Floral scents follow as one saunters through the wide spaces, quietly viewing intriguing artwork on display and ingesting the beautiful aromas. Such a beautiful place to take a vacation…

Halepuna Glass 7

Halepuna Waikiki Glass Partitions


Nathan Allan’s Mirage XL texture was created specifically for the Halepuna Waikiki. This magnified version of our Mirage textured glass stands out boldly on the large panels which were used throughout the hotel. From a distance the pattern is prolific and obvious, and floods the entire lobby. There is an incredible amount of light which transmits through the glass while creating effective partitions, which direct the guests throughout the hotel. Incredibly beautiful, decorative glass, which provides a useful function through the walkways.


Various size panels, measuring up to 48” wide x 118” high (1220mm x 2997mm), are used in this impressive space. Glass panels are 1/2″ thick, Low Iron tempered safety glass with machine polished edges. Custom flat margins allow for easy installation into top and bottom channel.


Working with the talented Mary Suenaga  of Halekulani Corp, together we focused on creating a customized version of our Mirage textured glass. With broad wide open lobby spaces, and where glass can be viewed from a great distance, our large scale Mirage XL glass was a perfect choice. These decorative glass partitions enhance this beautiful lobby and blend in perfectly with the floral bouquets and interesting artwork. Maintaining a bright, cheerful lobby, light travels effectively through our Mirage XL glass, allowing streams of sunlight to spread throughout. There is a purposeful flow of glass art which creates a comfortable feeling for those who travel the walkways.


Nathan Allan partnered with Alii Glass & Metal of Kapolei, Hawaii, for another quality and impressive installation. The large textured glass panels are held in place with unique top and bottom channels, produced in a custom finish.


Collection Classic
Texture Mirage XL
Glass Low Iron
Thickness 1/2” (12mm)
Dimensions 44” x 100” (1220mm x 2997mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Mary Suenaga
Installer Alli Glass, Kapolei Hawaii
Photography Marc Schechter
Torques decorative glass partition for Cache Creek Casino by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Halepuna Waikiki Glass Partitions