Project Description

Sophie’s Teardrop XL Architectural Glass Partition

Sophie’s Teardrop XL Architectural Glass Partition. Sophie’s at Saks Fifth Avenue is an American restaurant offering globally influenced yet decidedly American cuisine. Sophie’s features a delightful bar with views into the kitchen, a luxuriously intimate dining room and a private dining area ideal for business or social events.

Chipman Design chose Teardrop XL Architectural Glass Partition, an architectural glass product developed by Nathan Allan Glass Studios, to perfectly partition and divide the restaurant. With its deep dimensional patterns and zero texture, Teardrop Glass provides clarity for excellent light transmission while still maintaining privacy, perfect for the intimate settings at Sophie’s.

Teardrop XL architectural glass partition by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Sophie’s Teardrop XL Architectural Glass Partition


In the kiln-forming process, Teardrop XL Architectural Glass Partition is forged with lofty depths of dimensional patterns but no texture. The clarity this creates allows for maximum light transmission without sacrificing any privacy. Unique to the Sophie’s project, the architectural glass partition is low iron, meaning there will be no hint of green like that found in normal clear glass. This works distinctly with Sophie’s color scheme, allowing for Teardrop XL and its surroundings to coexist in unison.


Clear tempered safety glass, 3/8” (10mm) thick, with Teardrop XL kiln formed glass pattern. Each panel measured 3’0 by 8’0 (762mm x 1524mm).


In collaboration with Chipman Design, we worked to develop a product that would accentuate the intimate, yet vibrant setting at Sophie’s. Thus, our Teardrop XL Glass was created. Free flowing textures and low iron architectural glass partitions the restaurant where need be, but brings life to the environment.


All panels are set on a strong, micro thin rail, to support the glass while staying invisible. Thin rails are also used at the top of each glass panel, to provide a secure installation. The installer on the project was Key Glass.


Collection Freeform
Texture Teardrop XL
Glass Low Iron
Thickness 3/8″ (10 mm)
Dimensions 3’0 x 8’0 (762 x 1524 mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Chipman Design
Installer Key Glass
Photography Robin Hill
Teardrop XL architectural glass partition by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

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