Project Description

Welcoming Space for Patients and Family


The new Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus is the first community children’s hospital to be built in the greater Houston area. The architectural vocabulary of the existing main campus and has been reinterpreted in this suburban setting. The curved face, state-of-the-art glazing and colorful spheres make the West Campus entirely unique and distinctive. The site is organized around a central elliptical plaza containing parking, extensive landscaping and special lighting. Two of the building’s wings embrace the central ellipse, forming “welcoming arms” to greet patients and family.

Texas Children’s Hospital

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Classic Kiln formed cast glass textures. Nathan Allan’s kiln formed cast glass textures are preferred by architects and designers unwilling to compromise. For example, the luxurious detailing of our 60+ cast glass textures are attractive to all designers. On one hand, clients are able to select patterns which are soft and elegant or bold and deep. The variety is enormous and provides each designer with multiple selections, to present to their clients. At the same time, our kiln formed cast glass textures instantly increase the richness of any space or setting. Everywhere it is used, our glass provides function, and on the other hand, privacy. Nevertheless, ample light transmission is created, causing our cast glass panels to shine brightly. The richness off each texture is impressive and inviting, becoming the obvious focal point in the space. LEARN MORE


Collection Classic
Series Embossed
Texture Champagne
Glass Clear
Thickness 3/8 ” (10 mm)
Dimensions 4’0 x 6’0 (1219 x 1828 mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Page Southerland Page, Houston, TX
Installer Tellepsen
Photography G. Lyon
Texas Children’s Hospital

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